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Links from the driverfile to the RAR file A: The card is only supported by Windows 10. From Wikipedia: To date, the only version of Realtek RTL81xx driver available for Windows Vista is a compiled version (as a device driver) by developer Ed O'Callaghan. It is not a free driver and requires a VirtualBox image to be used in order to build it. To my knowledge, you can't do anything about this. You could try to use the compiled driver to try and get it to work. The Death of Global Standardization - gwern ====== roryokane "In medicine, for instance, a few years ago there was a severe shortage of blood donors, and the supply of blood depended on the vast majority of supplies being delivered from the United States." This suggests that that shortage was not due to a lack of blood in the United States, but rather that the blood banks wanted to increase the number of donations from the United States, by signing a treaty with the United States that allowed one of their organizations to import the blood. Which makes sense, if the demand for blood has decreased in the United States. ------ latch >For that reason, he added, more than 1,000 U.S. companies were able to supply just 40 percent of their own computers. Did I read that right? Is that really true? I'd never heard that before, but I do think that companies would get their own computers if they wanted to avoid that. ~~~ gwern Is this an inaccurate quote? > For that reason, he added, more than 1,000 U.S. companies were able to > supply just 40 percent of their own computers. is the current truth, and I believe it. > It might not be clear that this whole business of global supply chains > means that a lot of the local economic value in countries has now moved to > China, and so forth. But it's something that the average person should > probably be aware of, because the quality of service that you get in your > life is directly tied to what happens

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[Extra Quality] Realteklandriverjx518

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