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What's YOS?!?!

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

What is your story? Everybody that walks around us all has a story, a past, a background, things that have brought them down, things they have overcome, and gone have thru something that has changed their life. That is why YOS was created. I want to know your story; I want to know your why. I have had my run-in life where I was making bad decisions and living an unhealthy lifestyle. I created YOS with the intention to give people something to wear knowing it is YOUR OWN STORY, meaning you are the writer. What are you doing today to benefit you for tomorrow and the days to come? What is it that drives you into becoming a better person? The fitness industry and going to the gym is what helped me realize that I could take all my negative emotions and negative energy to the gym and lift weights and do cardio turning it into positive results. As I walked into the gym with all the bad, I would leave too tired to care about it and walked out with a positive result both physical and mentally. Which is my goal to help you in taking the bad and turning it into the positive. In life in general response to your situation determines the overall outcome. If negative things are happening to you well that's life, we all deal with it. But how you deal with it is what makes the difference. If you let defeat turn you down you will never climb higher, but if you use that defeat to motivate you into keep climbing you will be amazed of the outcome. The way that I see it is everybody has their story and yes some have it worse than others, but in my opinion the feeling of hitting rock bottom regardless how you got there is mutual. That feeling when you are at all time low in life is the same feeling the other person feels in a totally different situation. At the time you tell yourself that no one understands what you are going thru, and that may be true, but on the flip side of it that does not mean they do not know what you are feeling. So, if you want your life to change then write YOS. Your own story is what is going to make you the happiest person ever and looking back on the things you went thru and may still be going thru; you will be glad you never gave up or backed down. Always have faith in yourself and what you are cable of. Stepping outside of your comfort zone will only open possibilities for you. Embrace change in your life as well, if your life were the exact same thing every second of everyday it would become very boring very quickly. You would start searching for a change and that is a good thing change is healthy in life. Just remember to step back and adapt to the situation. So again, what's YOS?!?! Are you going to be the change in your life or just wait for a change to hopefully one day happen for you? When I first started trying to figure out what I was doing in aspiring to be motivational for others, I had a really hard time dealing with all the thoughts in my head telling me others would not understand, but the second I pushed them aside I realized that my outlook on life was not in the right place to get where I want to be. The day that I started to look at all my failures and negatives in my life as if they were only going to play apart in my success story is when I started to look at my life differently and embrace all the hardships head on in my life. Kind of walked around with the mentality of “try me” not “why me” and it made a huge difference in my life.

Please let me know your stories and what has changed you as a person and what your goals are, I would love to have some feedback and hear all the YOS fitness community!

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