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Mentality is key!

I was able to hit a mile stone in my fitness journey this week that was pretty exciting. I had done a 600lb leg press wide stance at 13 full reps. The crazy part about this was the set I had done one just before was only 510lbs and I only got 8 reps up. After doing the 510lb set I was already pretty excited with just that. Considering the fact that I was already starting to feel pretty fatigued. Once I got up from the set I was able to pace around for my rest and just thought to myself, what am I doing to be better than the rest? I knew that I still had a little bit of energy still in me for this movement and had one last set to do. So I told my buddy to throw another plate up there, so with the two 45lb plates we put up there I was looking at 600 lbs total. As a sat down and put my feet up on the sled and dug my back in the hard padding, I began to control my breathing and tell me self, just go-go-go and dont stop until you cannot possibly go anymore! I didnt care if I got 4 reps or 8 reps all I wanted was to get solid reps in! Once I pushed that weight up and removed the saftey latches I was committed! Now keep in mind the set I did just before this I did a lighter weight and less reps in. After rolling out of the leg press and reviewing my form I realized I had got 13 solid reps done with the 600lbs. While I was in the set Iwas not counting all I was on was just getting the reps done and going up-and-coming down with full control like machine! Its crazy how the mentality of the situation changed the outcome.

Unfortunately every single person alive has negative situations that come and go in their life but what separates the warriors from the crowd is the mentality! I believe that if a negative situation arises in your life and you have a negative mind set about it, you are now creating a negative energy, which is only increasing the chances of it having only a negative outcome. Whereas if you try to keep a strong and focused positive mindset on the situation, your now throwing a positive energy out there, which gives it a better chance of having a different result. In the fitness industry whether it be the most extreme athletes or the person who wants to transform their body or even just someone who is getting into the gym for the 1st time the strongest part of their journey is the mentality along the process. You could have the biggest biceps, the biggest quads, the biggest pectorals, it doesn't matter the biggest part of your success is your mentality. When your dieting and your going through struggles stay positive remember why you started. When you're just entering the gym for the first time and you feel like your getting

judged stay positive remember why you started. I think the best part about the fitness aspect for me , it's something that has definitely changed my life in overall, the simple fact that when I'm in the gym I am there to transform my body, not anybody else's, just mine and I feel like everybody that's in the gym is there for that same exact reason. In there transforming their body while their making their lives healthier, becoming a better person for themselves. Judgement is everywhere in the world unfortunately, but it's true whether your in the gym, your in the store, your at work, at the bar, hanging out with friends, at the beach, doesn't matter where you, are your judged. So why let it effect your goals and dreams? Not everyone has the same dream and goal as you. Thats why it is important to remember your "why". Others may not understand why it is your doing what your doing. But you know why and thats all that matters! Mentality is key! Stay motivated, dedicated, and consistent and great things are bound to happen!

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תגובה אחת

Thanks! I got my yoga mat out and I'm starting to slowly work out. Keep inspiring me, I love it.

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