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Fear vs Failure

Hey YOS family hope everybody is having a great day and is continuing to push towards your goals, embracing the changes in your life, and focusing on writing Your Own Stories! With that being said, I wanted to sort of hit the topic of……… well you guessed it Fear vs. Failure. Both words are not necessarily looked at in a positive way. The definition of fear is “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.”. The definition of failure or to fail is “be unsuccessful in achieving one's goal”. I want you to go back and read those definitions one more time before you hear me out on this topic. Ok now that you have read those again, I want you to really think about the difference in those two words. Fear is something that we make up in our head essentially, nowhere in the definition does it say that fear guarantees any type of harm to us. It states that it is an emotion caused by belief. Now we can understand that certain factors will lead us to beveling the outcome will be unpleasant or dangerous. Which we come to those conclusions with observations. The point that I am trying to get you to see is that it is ok to be afraid because that is what makes us aware of our surroundings and observe the things that are going on. But if you have never attempted to push yourself out of your comfort zone to obtain your goal how can you have a fear in what is to happen, if nothing is happening? There is a difference in fear and concern. I can understand that you do not want to make a jump because you are concerned of the outcome financially, physically, emotionally. But that fear that you have is going to keep you aware. To fail means that to be unsuccessful in achieving, so how can you say that you would fail right off the bat in attempting to achieve your goal if you have never even tried? I used to be afraid of failure tremendously, all the “what ifs” and “maybes”, about what others thought. Failure in the aspect that I would never amount up to something. But once I started to realize how important failure was in life, the more I was willing to accept it. I believe that failure is more important than success. Failure is something that will push you to points both mentally and physical to help you understand your boundaries. When you fail you will see your limits as an individual and may even end up being comfortable pushing past your limits on the next go, to obtain strength in your life. People who are super successful never say how much they learned in life being successful they always talk about what they went thru, their hardships, failures, losses, and doubts. Notice those are all negative things but they are successful. How can someone with all that negative crap be so successful? Well, they simply understood that the negatives had motivated them to turning their life in to a positive. I do not think you should walk around life being afraid to fail. I believe that you should be aware of your concerns if you were to fail. But I believe that you should embrace that failure in the fact that you can learn from it. That mindset is what will continue to let you live a little bit more freely and you will be open to more in life than hiding behind fear. If you let fear control your life you will only be battling yourself most of the time. But if you live your life with fear and turn it into concerns then it is a totally different feeling. Falling back on that core thinking of “try me, not why me”. Most people are so willing to succeed and accept it. But with success comes failure and you must be able to accept both! I am not excited to fail, and I do not think anyone is and in the moment of it, it is so hard to see past it. But I love looking back on all my failures and hardships, and truly reflecting on them. Thinking about what I took away from the situation and experience. That way if I ever come a across a similar situation, I already know a better way to handle it, so I do not fail again. I already know my concerns and what to observe for. So, what failures do you have that you can learn and take away from? What fears do you have, and can you turn them more into concerns? Please share you story if you are comfortable with it, I would love to hear from you and what it is that you are going thru or have gone thru. Remember YOS family stay motivated, dedicated, and consistent and great things will happen to you!

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