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Creating Your Stepping Stones

Set the bar higher than you can reach it, if you set the bar higher than you can reach it is going to require you to jump, I feel like that is what comes into play when people say, “leap of faith”, you must jump higher to reach the bar of whatever goal or dream you have put in front of you. Now when it comes to dreams and goals, I think it is good to dream big and even to the point where it seems impossible, but the only way you are ever going to get there is if you set little goals along the way that pretty much act as steppingstones for reaching the end goal. Think of a basketball player the very 1st time he or she tries to dunk the basket they never really can reach the hoop but after they train their body and their mind into understanding what they need to do better to reach that rim they soon are able to dunk. Same concept if you train your mind and body into whatever goal it is your trying to reach, you are going to reach it eventually, but you must stay consistent and little goals along the way, they are acting as and will play a bigger part in reaching that main goal. Another way to look at the steppingstone theory is simply think of a dock, a dock is not made from one giant piece of wood it is a bunch of little pieces of wood that are put together to make one big thing, so that way you can walk out onto the water and take that jump into the Lake or ocean. It is going back to this concept you need to lay down each plank of wood each smaller goal to build that big dream you cannot have the big dream just happened, you must have little things build-up to make it. You cannot build a house without foundation, you cannot have a relationship without a foundation, everything in life that is a major decision or commitment must be built by small steps to obtain the end goal.

When you have a goal or dream that seems bigger than your reality, I believe that it will push you mentally in creating the best version of yourself along the way. A body builder or women’s physique athlete have big goals in front of them and they do not just walk into the gym, pick up one dumbbell and then instantly get shredded and gain muscle mass and definition. They go thru countless hours of gym sessions, meal planning, portion sizes, mental challenges, injuries, and sacrifice just to obtain a body that they love when they look in the mirror and that inspire others to obtain. Pretty much every successful athlete I have met, trained with, and networked with have all said that the reaching their physique was an exceedingly long and enduring process. And they had to set daily goals each day to get where they are now. Whether it was a certain amount of cardio or set number of calories and macros they had to consume. The point is they had set smaller goals to reach their bigger one. One good thing about this system I believe is the simple fact that when you place these steppingstones in front of you, you do not necessarily focus on the distance you are from the end goal. As you keep conquering each small step you feel good about yourself and the process because you obtain small successes, before you know it you will be at the end goal. Once you reach that final step you will feel so good about everything you went thru because you can look back and see all that you overcame and accomplished. So, what is your big goal? What are small goals that you can put out before you? Are you setting you bar with in reaching distance or are you putting it above you so that it requires you to work hard and earn the reward? Do what makes you happy and the rest will fall into place. Stay motivated, dedicated, and consistent and great things are bound to happen.

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