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Be the light in the dark

Hey, everyone, I know it has been a while since I have posted but I have had a battle in my own life that I had to face and kind of lost track of time. I titled this blog “Be the light in the dark” mostly because when we find our self in dark times, we will tend to look for the light anywhere in the distance. We still have the choice to be the light in the dark so why not start with looking there? Over the course of the past few months, I have found myself dealing with emotional and physical hardships. I’m not by any means depressed but with a lot of the things that have entered my life I could very well easily have gone down that road. Let’s just start off with the one major thing that has changed in my life, and I feel has been the root for most of my feelings of sadness, confusion, and lifestyle change.

Okay so just recently I was diagnosed with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. For those of you who do not know what psoriasis is, it is skin disease where the body has these things called T-cells and when you have psoriasis, they attack the body’s skin cells and the attack causes the body to make new skin cells at a faster rate which pile up on top of the skin and that is what you see and that’s psoriasis. Some people get it on certain parts of their body, some get only flare ups so it will come and go, and others have it very bad and it is very hard to get it to subside. This disease is an auto immune disease so unfortunately there is no cure for it. In my personal case I have it severe and have been going to a specialist for some time now trying to figure out how we can get a handle on the severity of my condition and help me achieve clearer skin and less pain. I know that there are way worse conditions out in the world, and I know that there are people that have medical health problems way worse than I do. I am not for one second saying that I have it worse than anyone else. I am simply telling my story and what I am going thru. Just like I have said in my past blogs everyone deals with things differently. For me I grew up with a very healthy body and was blessed to enjoy not having to deal with a medical condition. So, when I was diagnosed with my condition and watched it spread very rapidly across my body, I was defiantly not prepared for what was to come. When it first stared getting bad, I had it across my face, back, arms, legs, and scalp. The thing that most people don’t understand is the pain that comes along with it. Your skin just feels so dry and itchy and itching it only makes I worse and your will start to bleed from the sores if they are agitated too much. So having to deal with that not even knowing what it was, that was an insecurity for me. Once I go the courage to face it, I decided to seek help form a medical professional. The dermatologist I went to was awesome and super understanding of my situation and condition. They helped me understand what it was that was going on with my body, which is a huge thing because when you begin to understand what it is that is going on you then have a better idea how to handle it. They immediately got me on a personal plan to help get the condition under control. Which is still an ongoing process to this day and has not been very successful to say the least.

With this whole experience it has really put me to the test as far as being able to remain positive thru this battle. I created this brand with the mission of reminding people that there is always hope if your stay positive. Like I have said before we all have our own story, and we are the most important part of how it plays out. So, as I have been going thru one of my dark times (and I don’t think it will be the last) I am challenging myself to stay true to what I believe in whole heartedly. I don’t think for one second, I have looked for a light from anyone else to help me get thru this. But I am blessed with those in my life, they have been very supportive and strong with me, and I cannot thank them enough. I remind myself every day that I wake up that I need to be stronger than my condition. Some days it is very hard to do that especially with the medications that they have me on. But if I have a day that my condition is stronger than me in a physical manner, I make sure that it has no chance to be stronger than me in a mental manner. Just because I am in pain and fatigued, doesn’t mean that I need to get down and let it take control of my entire being of a person. I don’t ever want this condition to alter my personality because my personality is very strong, and I will not let it be broken I will continue to have it be the light in the darkness. I feel more people need that mindset to help the get thru hard times. Its ok to have bad days and hardships but do ever let the negativity be stronger than your positivity. We all are here for a purpose and have a goal in life and we should never let the negative be the sole reason why we don’t purse it. Whenever you find yourself in the darkness immediately start being the light. And just like fire it will soon spread, continue to have a positive outlook on your life and/or situation. I challenge you to try and hold yourself accountable everyday just like I do. When something doesn’t necessarily go the way you expect it to don’t dwell on it. Regroup your thoughts and emotions, stay positive and keep making the steps you need to achieve your goals. Remember that small steps lead to big goals. As always remember to stay positive, consistent, and committed and great things are bound to happen.

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